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Online, add WeChat to make money is true and false

「Skeleton Shower!」

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The three dragons broke down into small bones and charged Tessa at a tremendous speed.

「……!? Guha…!」

With his whole body struck by the rain of bones, he was blown away – and lost consciousness.


「Are you alright, oi!?」

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「B-Bring him to the infirmary!」

Reyes-san who saw the clamouring Class A,

「Puh-ahahahahaha! So weak! Is Class A, a gathering of such a weak bunch!?」

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He laughed whilst clapping. In response, the four people behind him laughed at Tessa as well.


Perhaps, Tessa was much better in terms of simple swordsmanship.

(However, looking at them in terms of『swordsman』… Reyes-san was better.)

The only difference between the two is the presence and absence of a soul dress. Whether or not you can manifest your soul dress as a swordsman…… is a crucial point. In fact, this determines whether or not you can become a Senior Holy Knight.

That is why the power of soul dress is given that much importance.