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「W-What are you doing?」she whispered, looking at the scene dumbfoundedly.

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「Tenshi-sama, please take a good look at this.」

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I concentrate the darkness on my right index finger and slowly slide it onto the wound on my left palm.

Then, the recovery effect of the darkness activated, healing the cut on my left palm in an instant.

「N-No way… Is your soul dress a recovery type? Even though it has such offensive power!?」

「Err… Yes, that’s right.」

Actually not, but I decided to lie to calm Tenshi-sama.

In general, recovery-type soul dress is thought of to be low risk, so I relied on that reputation to reassure Tenshi-sama.

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「Tenshi-sama, if you don’t mind, I would like to heal your wounds. May I?」

And she nervously held out her bruised up right hand. It seems that she has come to trust me a little.

「Excuse me, then.」

With those brief words, I extended darkness to her right hand.

The moment my darkness came into contact with her hand, Tenshi-sama shut her eyes for a brief moment. When she slowly opened her eyes, her hand was back to its beautiful state.

「…Warm darkness. It is completely different from just now.」