Is it true that the order is true?

Is it true that the order is true?

As for me, I casually started whistling and walked into the store, not paying attention to the guy behind.

Amanocchi started fiddling his head with tears in his eyes. Then, he let out a sigh in relief after taking a look at the store.

“Ah, no one is lining up at the cashier. That’s great.”

“Yep, it’s not rare but expensive, after all. However, that’s why…”

“Yes. I feel like it’s very suited for Tendou-san as a present!”

The innocent boy immediately grabbed his wallet from the bag tightly with sparkling eyes. I casually snatched the wallet from his head. Amanocchi almost cried out immediately and reacted as if the world is ending.

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“G-Give me back my wallet, Jyaian!” [Note: Jyaian is the bully from Doraemon.]

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“Who’s Jyaian? Take it. You should keep it safe if you’re holding it.”

After I returned it, Amanocchi carefully defended his wallet and stared at me like he’s throwing a tantrum.

“In this dreamy kingdom, only a barbaric gal will have an evil idea like that…”

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“Uwah! What the, I’m holding it really tightly just then! What kind of thief skill is that!”

“Alright, Amanocchi. Let’s see how much you got in your wallet…”

“S-Stop it, Jyaian!”

Amano begged me with tears in his eyes. ….Oh.