Is it true that the typing work on the Internet is true?

Is it true that the typing work on the Internet is true?

“We also get an expense limit each month that we can use to top-up our games. “In addition…”

Wu Bin quickly raised his hand, stopping Hao Qiong. “Alright, alright, alright. I understand company benefits now. However, you also need to think about career advancement.

“Tengda Corporation has so many employees. Many people are waiting to become the next chief planner. It’ll be so difficult for you to advance in that company!”

Puzzled, Hao Qiong replied, “It’s alright. From time to time, the company will arrange for outstanding employees to develop new businesses and venture into new territories.

“The current chief planner only took seven months to get promoted from an odd-job-worker to his current position.

“If I do my work well, it should be my turn soon.”

Wu Bin was speechless.

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There was nothing else to say. There was really nothing else to say! Wu Bin could not talk about company benefits because if they spent time listing them all out, he might have to offer Hao Qiong a salary of more than twenty thousand yuan a month.

Even if Wu Bin did that-given the treatment that Hao Qiong was receiving at Tengda, he might not even want to switch companies!

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After much consideration, Wu Bin forced himself to make a huge offer.

“I’m going straight to the point! If you join our company, we can pay you 22 thousand yuan a month. How does that sound?!”

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Wu Bin stared at Hao Qiong.

Hao Qiong stared back at Wu Bin.

Both of them were speechless.

After a long time, Hao Qiong scratched his head. “Do you always offer a lower salary when you try to poach other people?”

Wu Bin, “?”

Wu Bin was completely dumbfounded.

A lower salary?!