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As I was doing my morning routine, I received a phone call from Ishizaki.

“Yo, Ayanokouji. Morning.”

“It sure is rare for you to call me.”

“Today’s the last day for forming small groups, right? I have something important to talk to you about.”

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“Is it about Nishino? Last I checked, she hadn’t formed a group.”

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I hadn’t checked the OAA this morning though. Did the situation change?

“In the end, she couldn’t find anyone in her class to team up with, so she asked Ichinose to help her. Now, Tsube from Class C will help her out.”

Ah, Hitomi Tsube from Class 2-C. She was an excellent student with more than a B in both Academic and Physical Ability.

“That’s great.”

“Yeah. That means almost all of us have formed a group of 2 or more people. Except…”

There was a student in Class B who hadn’t formed a group yet.

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“Ibuki, right?”

“Yeah. Ibuki’s on her own. Is there anyone who would group up with her?”

“It’s risky to take the special exam by yourself. I understand how you feel.”

I could tell from the way Ishizaki spoke that he had tried to persuade her many times, but had failed.

“Give me some time. I think I have an idea.”

“Seriously? Sorry about dumping this on you so early in the morning!”

I told Ishizaki that I would call him later, and then hung up.