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In fact, be it Tengda Games or Shang Yang Games, every game that they created was unconventional and took huge risks. However, they would always succeed.

On the other hand, the gaming companies outside that were only focused on stability would change a few art resources, repackage them and sell them as new games. They would try to seek stability and earn money, but the response would be average and the sales would be dismal.

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That was because stability was a form of stagnation.

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Stability was equivalent to falling behind others while other game manufacturers were looking for new and change. Their previous successful experience would also quickly fall behind.

Lin Chang was also filled with respect. Even though he did not know much about the game industry, Boss Pei’s words seemed to contain deep philosophy.

“What do you think then, Boss Pei?” Lin Chang asked.

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Pei Qian cleared his throat and said, “In my opinion, the newer a company is, the more ambitious and bold they have to be.”

“If the new company wanted to follow the old ways and follow previous successes when it was first established, it would not have the courage to innovate in the future. It would only become more and more out of place on the path of ‘repackaging’.”

“Therefore, you have to design as usual, no matter whether you are in Shang Yang Games or in Slow Movement Workspace. You have to forget that you are in a new company.”

“It’s still the same as before. We’ll set the game genre first and take it one step at a time.”

Lin Wan nodded. “Yes, in that case, there are only a few options. Since we’re not going to make cell phone games, we’ll only have standalone games and online games.”

“We have to work hard to create standalone games like Repent and be Saved, Struggle, Mission and Choice if we want to challenge ourselves, according to Boss Pei.”

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. “Are there really only these few options? Think about it again.”

It would have been better if Lin Wan had not given him examples. These examples reminded Pei Qian of his sad past.

The investment in these three standalone games were increasingly big but they were also more profitable than the last.

Even though it was not enough to prove that this was a failed path, Pei Qian did not want to walk it again for the time being.

Thus, he had to find another way.