ways to give money as a gift

ways to give money as a gift

"Scouting out clubs to grasp information on the students of other classes. Somehow it makes me feel like I'm a spy. It's thrilling".

"It's nothing that splendid though. The information we can acquire here is limited".

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"But Horikita-san doesn't think so. Right?".

"There's nothing better than acquiring it. There's no telling may be the key".

"That may be so---. But it was kind of you, Ayanokouji-kun. To cooperate for Horikita-san's sake".

"It can't be helped since she'd be annoying afterwards if I don't".

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"You've got guts saying that with me right in front of you".

Ignoring that one frightening word from said person in question, I focused my attention on the grounds.

Since it has come down to a corner kick, the folks in the soccer club, while calmly walking, were vying for their positions. It won't be long before the match resumes and an intense development occurs. And we too could almost physically feel the resumption of the match drawing near.

As Kushida smiles, I had an uncomfortable feeling about the state of the three of us. Surprisingly enough, the one who initiated it was Kushida.

"The one who decided to invite me out here today was Ayanokouji-kun, right?".

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"Why do you think so?".

"I mean, I can't imagine Horikita-san would invite me".

Still smiling, and after briefly looking at Horikita, Kushida turned back to me.

"You think Horikita wouldn't invite you, why is that?".

"Ahaha, that's terrible of you Ayanokouji-kun. You know things aren't going too well between me and Horikita-san right?".

Since I am already in the know regarding that, Kushida said so without attempting to cover it up. Horikita too, was listening quietly without denying it.

"Honestly I still can't believe that, or rather, I'm still half in doubt".