Is there any online free money?

Is there any online free money?

I can finally feel relief. However, I thought of how awkward it will be if we chased each other’s tails. So, I plopped my head down while slowly making my way towards the stairs. …What am I even doing?

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Just as I lowered my head because of my weird actions, suddenly, I saw a lost student handbook at the corner of the corridor, right below the fire extinguisher.

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I paused for a moment. However, since I’m always acting suspiciously, even if I try to be a hypocrite, my status in class wouldn’t increase anyway. It’s better to just let this go and brutally ignore it.


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“Okay, I got it.”

“Ah, t-thanks. I-I’ll be leaving.”

After handing the handbook to the class teacher in the office, I left with a nervous look.

(Phew, at least everything went fine…)

Instead of the satisfaction of doing a good deed, I’m more afraid of those conflicts that are specially designed for me. …For example, people start to think whether I stole it when I picked up the handbook. That was close.