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With so much money, who would care about food, accommodation, fitness, and standard contracts?

The team members would not complain even if Boss Pei did not do anything.

However, he did not expect Boss Pei to be so stingy with the details without leaving any loopholes.

Zhao Xuming had originally heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that he could save some money. However, on further thought, something was amiss!

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His tone immediately became firm. “Boss Wu, we have to fork out this sum of money!”

Wu Yue was stunned. “Huh? That’s not necessary, right?”

He could not help but wonder why people were fighting to pay for this.

Everyone had so much money to burn?

Zhao Xuming was obviously not burning money because he had too much money. He had thought of a very important problem.

Wouldn’t that leave Boss Pei with something to use against them if Finger Games paid for all the clubs in ICL except for FV club?

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FV Club was a club in the ICL league after all. Since Finger Games had decided to fork out money for subsidies, they had to treat them equally. How could they treat them differently?

If news of this were to spread, everyone would think that Finger Games was petty. Saving these two to three million yuan would cause another crisis for public relations.

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Wu Yue could not help but secretly rejoice at that thought.

It was another trap left behind by Boss Pei. I almost stepped into it. Fortunately, I’m smart!

Wu Yue did not understand why Zhao Xuming was so determined, but he had no reason to reject it since Zhao Xuming was willing to subsidize it.

FV Club had been receiving benefits from Boss Pei which made them a little embarrassed. Now that they had a chance to save some money for Boss Pei, why not?

Thus, Wu Yue agreed readily.

Zhao Xuming asked again, “By the way, Boss Wu, can you briefly organize the food and accommodation standards, training standards, fitness standards, and the like and send me a copy? If it’s not convenient to show me the standard contract, you can briefly explain the key points. That way, we can arrange it according to this standard.”