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Between declining birth rates, an aging population, environmental issues, and a fall in national power, Japanese society was beginning to show signs of decay.

In order to rebuild from the ground up, the government began seriously focusing its efforts on cultivating its human resources.

And, as one part of this shift in policy, a certain high school was established.

The goal of this school is to gather various students from all over the country and foster them into individuals equipped to take on the outside world.

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[Advanced Nurturing High School]

One of the most distinctive features of this school is that it doesn’t consider an applicant’s middle school grades when selecting who they enroll.

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The students chosen through the school’s custom selection criteria have a wide variety of characteristics.

There are those who can study, but struggle when it comes to communication. And there are others who excel at athletics but struggle in their academics.

Some, on the other hand, don’t even seem to have a single redeeming quality, and yet the school still lumps them together with the rest and teaches them all just the same.

It’s a learning system that would be unthinkable at an ordinary high school.

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Despite all of the vastly different personalities, these students are prompted to live their lives in groups and compete with each other for the sake of their class.

The purpose behind all of this is probably to create the necessary foundation for them to take part in a competitive society and survive as a group.

And, those who are deemed as unqualified are doomed to the fate of expulsion without the slightest bit of mercy from the school.

Students won’t be able to survive at this school by simply being able to play sports or study effectively.

Each school year is divided up into four different classes, ranging from Class A to Class D.

At the time of enrollment, each class is assigned 40 students, for a total of 160 students overall.

All that being said, there are other aspects of this school that makes it so dramatically different from other high schools.