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If he hadn’t come out, I definitely would have died.

But that was the only time I was saved by him.

「Oo, that time when you were playing with that shitty ice brat… and that other time. When you pushed that shitty geezer’s button. If I remember correctly… Was it around the five thousand years mark on the first loop? Allen… You tried to die once, didn’t you?」


I remembered something… very disgusting.

(That’s right, this guy is my spirit core… That means he has the memories of that billion years…)

……I was going really crazy at that time.

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For 5,000 years, I didn’t meet or talk to anyone – I went insane because I had to live the same life day after day after day.

That was when I had the urge to die.

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「Oh, you remember now, don’t you? I’m the one who stopped that stupid act, you know? It was really hard… The『path』hadn’t opened and yet, I had to forcibly control your body. Because of that enormous use of power, I had to sleep for the next several hundred million years…. Well, anyway – be grateful. There is no reason for you to resent me… right?」

「…Were you really the one who stopped me?」

I thought that the fear of death had exceeded the pain of that time.

「Huh, who else is there besides me? First of all, human beings are not that strong. A guy who is determined to『die』will die more easily than he thinks.」

「I see, understood… Thank you.」

I can’t help but thank him in this matter.