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But even so, they embodied Ike’s way of doing things, as they were packed full of every ounce of emotion he could muster.

“Right-oh! If this is how Kanji wants to do it, let’s discuss battle plans, Ryōtarō!”


Sudō and Hondō circled around and took a stand behind Ike, fully supporting his resolve to help Shinohara. They waved her over, beckoning for her to come and join them.

“Huh…? What the? Are you guys stupid? Even though you shouldn’t waste your time on someone like me, you guys…”

Unwilling to wait for a Shinohara who might not even come, Ike ran to her and took hold of her wrist for the third and final time.

He was burning with a level of determination that seemed to shout to the world that he would never let go of her again.

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Upon seeing this, even the usually indifferent Chabashira cracked a slight smile.

It must’ve been enough to make her feel like Shinohara would be in good hands, as she then disappeared into the forest, headed off in the same direction as Sakagami-sensei and the medical team.

That being said, this was no time for blind optimism. After all, saving Shinohara certainly wouldn’t be easy.

“In order to guarantee that you save Shinohara, she’ll have to join up with a group with at least three slots for extra group members.”

Once the four of them gathered together, I spoke up.

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It was hard to say whether or not Sudō and his group would be able to win the rights to those three slots on their own.

“It’d be most realistic to try’n ask for help from people in the same class, right?”

“I don’t believe there’s anything exactly wrong with that, but from what I recall of the rules for the exam, it’s impossible to find out which groups have earned the right to increase their maximum size. I also imagine that you’d be hard-pressed to find a group willing to take Shinohara-senpai in when two members of her group have already retired. Moreover, since losing points comes as a direct side-effect of the merging process, the entire notion is just riddled with numerous risks. All of that being the case, rather than going through the effort of forming another group, it may very well be more realistic for her to prioritize accumulating points. I think she should steadily score points from designated areas and use whatever time she has to spare to challenge Tasks.”

Nanase was recommending that Shinohara give up on merging with another group and focus on gathering points independently instead.

“But wouldn’t it be better to assume that there won’t be any Tasks that she can win by herself? She’d prolly end up having to pin her hopes on getting lucky or some kinda freak coincidence where there aren’t enough participants or something.”

“Is there really no way for her to get into a group smoothly, Ayanokōji?”