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how does airbnb make money

He tried to look as sincere and genuine as possible. He could tell that two or three investors would back out soon.

They had been interested in investing because they had seen how successful Boss Pei’s previous projects were. However, after seeing the industrial zone’s true state, they suddenly realized that Boss Pei’s previous achievements were meaningless, no matter how impressive they were.

Making this place popular would be as difficult as turning stone into gold!

Still, everyone was too embarrassed to say that they were not interested in investing in the project anymore. Instead, they looked at one another, waiting for someone to speak up. Pei Qian was not in a hurry; he waited patiently. He was sure that someone would speak up after weighing the amount of money they had.

However, Li Shi seemed to have caught on. He decisively took a step forward, and then scanned the group. “What’s the matter? We talked about this before. Is someone really going to back out?!”.

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His voice sounded firm and determined.

Pei Qian, “...?”

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He looked at Li Shi, evidently confused.

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Li Shi gave Pei Qian a firm nod and thend back to the other investors. “That’s silly! Boss Pei was testing how determined you are!

“Before this, all of you were saying that you wouldn’t invest in any other project but Boss Pei’s. Now, after walking a little and seeing superficial things, you’ve changed your mind? You’re so easily swayed!

“Just think about the investors who didn’t trust Boss Pei when we invested in “Top Student, Come Quick’ back then. What has happened to them?!

“Do you want to part ways with a promising project, just like them?”

On hearing Li Shi’s words, those who had looked like they wanted to back out earlier became determined once again. They exchanged meaningful looks and fell into deep thought.