What is the online typing?

What is the online typing?

Although Ma Yiqun only had thirty subscriptions initially, he had a good understanding of how online literature worked.

This was within Pei Qian’s expectations. Although Ma Yiqun did not have many subscriptions, the novels that he had released to the public were quite good. He even had a loyal following

Ma Yiqun observed Pei Qian’s expression as the latter scanned through the manuscripts. He could not help but feel moved.

Boss Pei is so patient. I can’t believe he can stand to read these.

After randomly reading a few manuscripts, Pei Qian felt completely relieved. If all the manuscripts they accepted were of this standard, it would be a surprise if the web novel site could succeed!

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Not bad, keep up the good work!

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Calmly, Pei Qian plucked out the thumb drive and handed it back to Ma Yiqun.

“It’s not a big problem. As for the two things you mentioned…

“It’s alright if our editors are below standard. Ease the review criteria. In any case, our aim is to fill up our libraries for now. These people are just writing to fulfill the contract and earn money. There’s no need for us to be so strict.”

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Ma Yiqun hesitated. “But… Boss Pei, back then, the remuneration you offered to full-timers was a thousand yuan. Infinite Chinese Network only offers five hundred yuan to their full-time authors. Other small sites offer a thousand yuan, but that’s only if authors produce ten thousand words a day.

“We’re offering them a thousand yuan for three thousand words a day. If we ease the criteria, we would be giving out money for free. That’s like burning all that money every single month.”

Pei Qian shook his head. “That’s alright. If we have five hundred authors, it would only cost us five hundred thousand yuan a month. That’s not a lot of money.

“Our website is new. If we don’t pay our full-time authors more, why would people want to write for us? What’s more, for newbies, three thousand words a day is not an easy target to hit.

“Don’t worry. Accept more manuscripts. An outstanding author will appear one day.”

Ma Yiqun pondered for a while and decided that there was logic to what Boss Pei was saying. However, the chances of this happening were low.

After thinking for a moment, Ma Yiqun spoke again. “Boss Pei, there is another problem. Most of our employees have little to do.

“Since few authors are submitting manuscripts, there is not a lot of reviewing to be done. Even if our editors make time to guide the authors in their writing, they will still have time to idle.”