What can I make money in addition to gambling?

What can I make money in addition to gambling?

“W-What? You’re making this like we won’t ever see each other again. Your first love is far from over yet-“

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“Of course. I, …no, Karen-san and I won’t back down and escape now. We’ll see it all the way to the end, …even if it means losing everything again.”

“What’s with that saying? Don’t tell me you already admitted defeat-“

Uehara-kun questioned a bit angrily.

However, -I answered determinedly.

“But, I don’t need anyone’s help anymore. What comes next…is the love that only belongs to ourselves.”

“…I see.”

Uehara-kun squinted his eyes as if he saw something really bright. He smiled warmly.

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That’s the warmest smile I saw from him. …He would only show that loving and gentle smile to Aguri-chan usually.

I reached my hand out. He shook mine steadily and encouraged me.

“Don’t give up, Chiaki Hoshinomori. I’ll- support you from the bottom of my heart.”