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After I bid farewell to Aguri-san in the family restaurant, I’m walking toward the station. Suddenly, I bumped into the Hoshinomori sisters. So, I smiled carefreely and started talking to them. After this eventful year, I can at least say hi to my friends casually. However-

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“…What’s wrong?”

-The Hoshinomori sisters gave me a subtle reaction as if they’re denying my growth. …Hiya, a loner finally managed to open up his heart and try to talk to others enthusiastically. Yet, they immediately say, “No, we’re not that close.” It really hurts me!

I’m profusely sweating as I tried my best to change up the mood.

“U-Uh, this is embarrassing. Aguri-san just forced me to call Tendou-san, and it ended in a mess…”



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Very well, that’s everything I can talk about today. …What the hell is this? Even Konoha-san got uncharacteristically quiet, as for Chiaki-

“…Hiya! Hey…!”

-She suddenly seems to have remembered something. Then, as if she’s trying to cover up her plumpy chest, she hugged herself in a wildly exaggerated manner.


I’m pretty shocked when I saw her- clearly sexually harassed reaction.

(Do I stare at Chiaki’s chest all the time!?)

I-I’m not thinking about the girl that way. …But, if you ask me whether I’m sure that I didn’t look, …I guess not. …Hmm, …crap.

C-Crap, I’m getting less confident the more I think about it. Also, my mind is filled with close-ups of Chiaki’s chest in my memories. In the end, it just further progressed the hate I have for myself. …This is a vicious cycle!