How students do online

How students do online

But I guess that was the natural choice to make.

“I don’t mean to force you to say anything here, but you do know that silence can be interpreted as though you’re saying the rumors are true, right?”

“That’s at the liberty of Horikita-san and everyone else to decide after hearing the rumors for themselves. However, I have absolutely no intention of giving this matter any excessive amount of energy. Sakayanagi-san’s strategy is to stir up Class B, I think the correct solution for dealing with it is to simply stay silent.”

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Ichinose showed us a smile, her conduct as natural as always.

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The harassment going on here wasn’t anything special. It was a typical type of bullying that happens everywhere, and there was no perfect solution to it. You can aggressively deny the rumors, or you can simply stay silent, but in the end, the peanut gallery will make a fuss anyway, relying on speculation to fill in the gaps as they see fit. Due to this, Ichinose made the choice to simply not say anything and wait for time to pass.

“I had thought to meet with Horikita-san today and tell you this so that you’d avoid carelessly getting involved. If I continue to stay silent, yet the people around me start attracting more attention to it, the situation will take longer to settle down. Most importantly, there’s just no need for Class C to get involved with Sakayanagi-san in order to help me out. I’ll be fine.”

Ichinose nodded firmly, her smile entirely unchanged.

“…I understand that your will is strong. Anyone who gets caught up in such despicable rumors would undoubtedly take damage from them, regardless of whether they’re true or not. Nevertheless, you’re not just thinking of yourself, but everyone around you as well.”

“I am not that noble a person.”

Looking a little embarrassed, Ichinose continued.

“So, Horikita-san and the rest of Class C can continue doing things as usual. I will clean up my own mess.”

After saying this, Ichinose stood up.

It seems that she chose to come over today just to let Horikita know not to interfere any further.

“Do you know about what’s been going on with Kanzaki and the others?”

Despite thinking it might be unnecessary, I decided to interfere a little bit.


“A few days ago, he confronted Hashimoto from Class A and earnestly asked him to stop spreading the rumors around. No, it may have gone past simply asking earnestly.”

“I see… Kanzaki-kun is very gentle. I told him I was alright. I didn’t think I needed to say anything more to him.”

“It’s probably not just Kanzaki-kun. A number of your classmates are probably struggling to find some way to help you, for your sake.”