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“With Boss Pei’s full support, I feel that this project would definitely succeed. However… we have to decide on a script,” Zhu Xiaoce said.

Huang Sibo nodded, “En, it’s time for that.”

The two actually didn’t have any special ideas at the start. However, as they were limited by funds and they could not embark on making a blockbuster, they could only restrict themselves to short videos.

Short videos had different themes; however, they couldn’t think of anything particular that would stand out.

Finally, Huang Sibo suddenly whacked his head as he thought of something.

To feature Boss Pei!

As the saying went, the arts originated from life but surpassed life; to produce a good video, they had to film someone’s life.

Huang Sibo naturally thought of Boss Pei!

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Boss Pei’s success was too legendary and colorful. If it was turned into short videos—even if they weren’t that popular, at least friends on the web would know that such an awesome boss existed in the world!

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Huang Sibo explained this idea to Zhu Xiaoce, and the latter immediately agreed.

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He felt that this was promising!

What was a game producer’s daily life like? What was the life of a big boss earning more than a million a month like? If at the same time, this big boss also treated his employees very generously; wasn’t he the absolute best boss?

Viewers would definitely want to watch!

Hence, the two had readily decided on filming Boss Pei! However, when it came to writing a script, the two were back to scratching their heads. Just as Zhu Xiaoce had said, shooting short videos also required the proper techniques and skills.

If the video was shot straightforwardly and factually—ultimately became like a documentary, it would be boring. Furthermore, viewers might see it as a hard-sell advertisement by Tengda. It would be despised, and Tengda might even be criticized.

How to find an entry point to give short videos an explosive factor—that was most important!